Your Story, Through Your Lens


Luce Inspiration, a company designed to create positive images and content of dreamers by way of new media.
Welcome to your one of a kind experience. The content will be life changing and positive. I will be talking candidly with inspirational people like you and me. Delivering their good news ! Every life is a story worth telling- it will get personal, emotional and lighthearted at times. You will be guaranteed to find a piece of your own story or be inspired to share your own unique journey.

About Your Host:

"Lucy is a unique writer and interviewer who has the ability to describe scenarios the way a painter can highlight often overlooked details. She brings a new appreciation for the way words can intrigue, inspire, and excite!" -Nihal Dhillon (ROOTS Productions)


"Lucy" armed with degrees in Communications and Public Relations from Simmons College, is taking aim of the media circuit. As founder, producer, and host of Luce Inspiration Channel, she plans to challenge and energize the traditional media establishment by highlighting her fresh perspective in her web series: “Everyone has a story, each is worth telling. If you have something positive to share, I want to help you share that with the world,” a Luce Inspiration Production.

With extensive training from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, instructors, musicians and other radio personalities are always taken with Lucy's ear for music, flair and positive personality. As a freelance writer for various publications, Lucy has captivated readers with her in-depth personal interviews. Whether hosting the Luce Inspiration Channel or out and about her presence and style always demands attention. 

"Lucy" has a voice for radio, television presence, and a way with words.  Her mission is to bring her subjects alive. She is a joy to work with, and a team player, who consistently brings creativity and quality to all her projects and collaborations.