by Lucy Coutinho

Interview with Author Lucy Coutinho by: Telie Woods

By luceinspiration | Jan 13, 2017

I got the amazing opportunity to sit down with new author Lucy Coutinho to chat about her new book, Peaces of Freedom: A Self-Healing Journal. This book is full of real stories healing and happiness that motivate the reader to find solace from within.  Let’s dive right into our conversation with the mind behind the motivation. Why…

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In this episode of kweliTV Presents: Meet the Filmmaker, CEO DeShuna Spencer interviews Lucy Coutinho the creator of Luce Inspiration.

By luceinspiration | Mar 26, 2016
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Personal healing through our stories

By luceinspiration | Feb 22, 2016

Writing has always come natural for me, my creative and artistic spirit required me to spend much of my childhood living inside of my head. I came up for air only for the occasional visual stimulation. Even then, I would have described myself as both the most introverted and extroverted person one would ever meet.…

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