Interview with Author Lucy Coutinho by: Telie Woods

I got the amazing opportunity to sit down with new author Lucy Coutinho to chat about her new book, Peaces of Freedom: A Self-Healing Journal.
This book is full of real stories healing and happiness that motivate the reader to find solace from within.  Let’s dive right into our conversation with the mind behind the motivation.
Why the title Peaces of Freedom?
It’s a play on words, its how I gathered components of different places within myself. I felt like my soul was fragmented at the time. I was unhappy. I went outside of myself to find happiness in other people, in shopping and other things but those things never fixed it. I turned to what I knew best, journaling.

I made the journal public online and shared it with female friends of mine. They were really encouraged by it because many of them also felt they were going through the same thing. Many of them encouraged me to turn it into a book, which is also a journal.

There are 12 chapters. I took the time to interview 12 women, and with every chapter i share what each means to me and these women express what the individual topics mean to them.

What was it about these women made you feel their stories needed to be shared. 
These are women I know personally. I feel a strong connection with them. With every chapter, I knew someone that would it fit perfectly. For example, when I wrote enlightenment, I knew my friend would be the one to share what enlightenment means because I watched her on that particular journey.
Another friend, I reached out to her specifically about love. Our friendship was about love and we would speak so much about love and what that meant. Her thoughts aligned with my understanding about love. Thats how i choose them.
How do you think you’ve evolved creatively after writing the book?
After writing the book it made me realize I am a writer. At my core, I’m an artist. I am a journalist and although I’ve written for many publications, some how in my head it never quite clicked with that aspect of myself. And after writing this, I had an “aha” moment like Oprah would say.
What was the hardest thing while writing?
Finding the commitment to do it. It wasn’t hard to write from a place in my heart. That was very natural. It was believing that I could do it. I did it on my own, I designed my cover and self-published my book. I didn’t think any of that was possible.
What was the easiest part?
Finding the women. You would think people would be hesitant in sharing intimate sides of them but what I learned that people want to be heard. People have sides of them they are aching to share. There are people with stories that want and need to share them. And that’s easy.
What is the biggest take away you want people to walk away with?
You can heal yourself. You are in control of your life. With the guidance of a higher power, whatever you believe in. You have full control. I never really understood that. It is a power far too great to give to anyone. We are God. We have a light within us that is ready to shine.
How important is having a positive mindset to getting ones life on track?
It’s everything. Positive thinking is everything. Its something i talk about a lot in my book. My unhappiness, self-doubt, negativity. I’ve learned to train my thoughts to be fleeting thoughts. Positive affirmations give levels of confidence that is out of this world.
What is your favorite chapter in the book?
Victory. Which is the very last chapter, I get really personal in this chapter. I touch on a very sensitive subject. I talk a lot about my relationship with my father and him passing away. The strong connection and bond we had and he leaving me at such a young age.
I took me a very long time to get over that. Even though he isn’t here, He continues to guide me throughout my journeys. It took a lot to write that chapter.
Where can the people find you and the book? and Kindle. If you are in the Providence, RI area it is available at Books on the square. Please also look for it at Facebook. Twitter and IG.

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